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Summer Quince
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165cm (h) x 085cm (w) (64.9" x 33.4") approx.
Tapestries & Wall HangingsDecorative & Still-Life

The Summer Quince tapestry wall hanging is:

  • Made at Adorabella in Australia.
  • Fully jacquard tapestry woven from cotton thread. The woven design creates a higher quality image that is superior to printed versions.
  • Fully lined with a coordinating cotton fabric.
  • Includes a "channel" sewn into the top of the tapestry to allow for the tapestry rod to be easily inserted for hanging. 
  • Includes a continuous aluminium weight stabilization bar* sewn into the bottom of the tapestry (that helps minimize distortion of the tapestry when hung).

This tapestry "Summer Quince" is based on the work of William Morris and Co. The works of William Morris contain beautiful motifs from nature and is related to his artistic aspirations to revive the art of testiles and tapestry making by introducing beautiful designs into art and decor in an increasing industrial age. Here we see the acanthus leaves in a beautiful arching formation, which is a signature of Morris' pieces. As well, he includes the quince tree, a deciduous tree that bears beautiful flowers and the quince fruit. Spread throughout are also a variety of leaves, buds and flowers to create a visually cohesive and detailed design to allure the sense. His use of color is masterful as the orange and greens compliments the beiges and light greys perfectly. His Victorian design company produced high quality pieces including over a hundred tapestry designs and inspired a whole new movement of decorative arts. His hallmark motifs and use of harmonious color is evident here in this work.

Care & Cleaning: This wall hanging is made with the highest quality of materials and as the design is fully jacquard woven (not printed), and is therefore completely dry-cleanable. The tapestry can be ironed, steam-cleaned, spot-cleaned and "scotch-guarded" if required. 

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