Locherber Official Dealer Plaque

Locherber Milano's  vision is to lead the latest interior lifestyle trends with a product offering that not only creates unparalleled luxury in the way we live, but also to elevate our  emotional state with a sensory experience like no other. The exclusive fragrances by Locherber Milano®  are designed to make places and situations special.

Created in Milan (Italy), Locherber Milano's bespoke range of luxury home fragrance is backed by 50 years of experience. Locherber Milano® produce an exquisite range like no other and combined with their Swiss-Italian heritage, Locherber Milano® blend the best in Italian design & craftsmanship with the Swiss precision required to produce a range of home fragrances of this quality.

Locherber Milano's®  international success in building their brand is in part attributed to the quality of the hand-picked and vetted partners with whom they engage to ensure the correct positioning of their brand. Locherber Milano's® quality partners include Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi in Japan,  Rinascente in Italy, Harrods of London, and Bloomindales in Dubai.

Adorabella HOME is proud to have reached agreement with Locherber Milano® to be appointed as their "Official Dealer" to bring Locherber Milano's exquisite home fragrances to our Australian customers.