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Klinto 1817 Candle 500g
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500g (16.91 oz)
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Klinto 1817: At the beginning of the nineteenth century the Phylloxera a tiny insect parasite of the grapevine (related to aphids), seriously jeopardized the viticulture of the whole of Europe. It was decided to graft the European vine on American vine roots to produce hybrids resistant to the attacks of this devastating parasite.

From the crossing of two varieties of wild American vine was born the Clinto, characterized by a deep purple colour, an intense fruity scent and an unmistakable strawberry flavour. An intriguing and little-known wine, interesting to discover and above all difficult to find, from which Locherber Milano have drawn inspiration for the realization of this new, exciting and seductive fragrance capable of transforming the day.

Additional Information:

  • Luxury 500g candle
  • 12% perfume
  • 40 hour burn time
  • Glass jar with a Canaletto walnut lid
  • Beautifully presented in a decorative box
  • 115mmH x 105mmW x 105mmD
  • Made in Italy

      Klinto 1817 - a fruity, floral, exciting and seductive fragrance.


      Top Notes: Black current, Grapes, Ribes, Orange.
      Middle Notes: Truffle, Raspberry, Violet, Honeysuckle.
      Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedar wood.

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