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$ 415.00
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135cm (h) x 097cm (w) (53.1" x 38.1") approx.
Tapestries & Wall HangingsCafe & Street Scenes

The Alfresco tapestry wall hanging is:

  • Made at Adorabella from imported Jacquard tapestry fabric.
  • Jacquard tapestry woven from cotton thread. The woven design creates a higher quality image that is superior to printed versions.
  • Adorabella sews "channel" into the top of the tapestry to allow for the tapestry rod to be easily inserted for hanging. 
  • Adorabella includes a continuous aluminium weight stabilization bar sewn into the bottom of the tapestry (that helps minimize distortion of the tapestry when hung).

Care & Cleaning: This wall hanging is made with the highest quality of materials and as the design is jacquard woven (not printed), it is completely dry-cleanable. The tapestry can be ironed, steam-cleaned, spot-cleaned and "scotch-guarded" if required. 

Recommended Hanging Rod: Fleur De Lys - Black Painted, Small.

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