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17th Century Verdure
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136cm (h) x 180cm (w) (53.5" x 70.8") approx.
Tapestries & Wall HangingsHistorical

The 17th Century Verdure tapestry wall hanging is:

  • Made at Adorabella in Australia.
  • Fully jacquard tapestry woven from cotton thread. The woven design creates a higher quality image that is superior to printed versions.
  • Fully lined with a coordinating cotton fabric.
  • Includes a "channel" sewn into the top of the tapestry to allow for the tapestry rod to be easily inserted for hanging. 
  • Includes a continuous aluminium weight stabilization bar* sewn into the bottom of the tapestry (that helps minimize distortion of the tapestry when hung).

17th Century Verdure tapestry is inspired by the original tapestry known as "La Verdure au Lac" woven in the 17th Century and is on display at the Mobilier National in Paris, France. The tapestry is remarkable for it's depth, perspective and ornamentation of the border. Verdure tapestries became fashionable in the late 17th - 18th centuries following the French Revolution where the tapestry took-on a more ornamental role creating the illusion of expanse and dimension, suggesting a retreat into the scene and imparting harmony thereby differing from the earlier character scenes that demanded attention.

Care & Cleaning: This wall hanging is made with the highest quality of materials and as the design is fully jacquard woven (not printed), and is therefore completely dry-cleanable. The tapestry can be ironed, steam-cleaned, spot-cleaned and "scotch-guarded" if required. 

Recommended Hanging Rod: Fleur De Lys - Black Painted, Large

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* Please Note: For International Customers - due to dimesion restrictions by Australia Post, If your tapesty is over 110cm (43") your weight bar will be in two parts.

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